Is Fear Dear To You?

Mice, cats, heights, insects, hospital, pearls…

Guess, what is common in the entities listed above! Couldn’t? Ok, let’s expand a list somewhat more and perhaps then you will be able to crack the riddle.

Mice, heights, cats, insects, hospital, pearls, boss, presentation, promotion, challenges, loss of face, deadlines… Now, could you make out the answer? Verily, an instant ‘yes’ must have erupted from the heap of past memories and the circumstances at your workplace! You must have got it right; the common feature among these otherwise disconnected entities is a four letter word- FEAR!

Walt Disney, a name which is credited with the making of the well-known comic character Mickey Mouse, himself feared the mice! Gustave Eiffel, the designer of the huge Eiffel Tower, was afraid of heights! Richard Nixon, the 37th president of the U.S was awfully fearful of hospitals. A notion had seeped into his mind that if he goes to a hospital, he would never come out alive. … Julius Caesar, Napolean Bonaparte, Alexander the Great, and Benito Mussolini- all these so called big-wigs in the realm of power and valor became terrified at the very sight of cats!

In 2005, a Gallop poll was conducted in the U.S to seek answer to one prime question, which perhaps bears connection with one and all in some way or the other- ‘What do you fear the most?’ …The top reasons for fear from the compiled list came out to be- terrorist attacks, spiders, death, being a failure, war, criminal or gang violence, being alone, the future, and nuclear war.

However if this question had been put specifically in the perspective of corporate culture, then certainly the list would have included the fear of losing a job, the fear of committing mistakes, … the fear of being the target of gossip, the fear of being attacked by challenges or problems, and many more.

As per the researchers at Harvard Business School and Penn State, fear in the modern workplace has touched epidemic levels. …That’s why, it becomes all the more important to understand as to what pushes us into the fear-trap at our workplaces and how can we be relieved from it. …

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