Live-In Relationships

…Freedom got in the name of live-in relationships is equivalent to a wandering kite in the sky whose string is cut-off. On being disconnected with the string of discipline and social responsibility (as it is in the case of marriage), one doesn’t reach heights in the sky; instead, he dooms into the ocean of sorrow and grief. Also, the statistics of exceedingly high percentage of break-ups ruled out the perception that a live-in relationship helps in selecting the right life-partner for oneself. Let’s know about some arguments rendered by the youth in their support…

1st Youth: With time, the world is progressing at all fronts. With technological innovations, changing lifestyles have impacted the level of thinking of the people. Today, even the hi-tech nations like Canada, France, the UK and the US do not consider live-in relationships as ill-founded. In these developed countries, the percentage of live-in relationships is 50% or even more! If we have to match with the pace of the advancing world, then, like these advanced countries, we too need to think broadly.

Swami Ji: What is the yardstick for progress and broad thinking according to you? An increasing rate of depression, grief, suicides, teen-pregnancy, devaluation of moral values, anger, sensuality etc. – are these the parameters of progress according to you? Because this is what the so-called broad-minded approach of live-in relationships offers to the society! If in your perspective, copying and adopting absurd ideologies like live-in relationships denotes advancement and stepping with the world, then, perhaps our state is somewhat like this… In an attempt to make our cheeks look red with the cheeks of Englishmen, we are slapping them ourselves! No doubt, to achieve progress in this competitive world, we need to adopt an advancing technology… but not at the cost of…

2nd Youth: But, when the Supreme Court has declared this to be the law, what’s the point then in raising all these questions on the issue?

3rd Youth: Keep aside all the issues! It’s my life; then, why is there interference by the society in it? On completing the age of eighteen, when we can elect the Prime Minister of our country, can we not make the selection as to how to live our life?

How Swami Ji resolved all the queries put forth by the today’s youth? What principle he gave to establish a beautiful relationship, to know this and furthermore, read the complete article in Dec’14 edition of English Akhand Gyan Monthly Magazine.

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