Making a Difference!

A lot of things that are happening around in today’s world leave us happy and discontent. Corruption, violence, crookedness, extortion and immorality are common features of what we refer to as modern society. Everyone craves for a better world. …However, enough of desire and lack of initiative of why nothing has changed… All we do is sit around, wait for the things to change for the better, and wait for someone else to commence a change that want. What a constraint! We keep waiting for something that we yearn for, but are not willing to do it by ourselves…

It’s pretty obvious that we prioritize our actions based on the intensity of our hunger for the final expected outcome. The more we crave for the consequence, the greater is the force in our actions in that direction. Therefore, if we truly desire to upgrade and uplift the standards of our life, we must be ready to put in our energy, time, resources and efforts for this purpose. It’s worthless to sit at home and talk about changes that we expect should happen, but are neither willing nor ready to initiate.

… The core of the problem is the doubt in the fact that we can make a difference. How to erase this doubt completely and understand that we can make a difference, to know this all, read the complete article in May 2013 edition of English Akhand Gyan monthly magazine.

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