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Managerial Lessons from Greek Mythology

Greek mythological stories have always demonstrated deep lessons speaking of timeless wisdom. These myths are synced with spirituality to help mankind live a successful personal and professional life. We bring to you some facets of the Greek mythological world catering to our professional life. These myths will decode some important understandings for a better living in the corporate world.

Corporate life has two sides to it, namely-

1. Boss/Leader

2. Employee

Only when both sides are in the right attitude, a professional life can flourish. Greek myths demonstrate important sutras for each of these two sides. Let us explore them.


Greek Myth: There is a famous story by the title- 'The Sword of Damocles'. The myth goes like this-
Once, there was a king named Dionysius. The king was a man of great power, magnificence, and authority. Seeing the king at such a position, Damocles approached Dionysius and said, "Dionysius, you must be very happy with the pleasures and luxuries in your life! I am really jealous of you because you are enjoying life of a kingly stature."

To this the king replied, 'If you wish to take a taste, let me give you the privilege of living my life for a day,'

Thus, the next day, Damocles was the king of the state. He went into the chamber of the king, which had a big dining table with different delicacies at display. He saw a queue of servants ready to serve at his order. He went into the garden, the banquet hall, etc. Wow, today he was the happiest person in the world with luxuries all around!

Now, he moved to the chair of the leader. He sat down on the king's throne, which was surrounded by comforts and pleasures on all sides. However, the moment he raised his eyes towards the ceiling, he got fearful. 'Alas! What's this?' exclaimed Damocles.

There was a sharp sword dangling just above his head tied with a single horse hair.

He asked, 'What if this thread breaks?'

Damocles stood speechless. Dionysius said, "Yes, there is a sword above your head and this sword hangs all the time on my head too."

Damocles had a drink in his hand, which instantly fell down due to fear. Now, he could not find himself happy in enjoying the luxuries. He said, I can't sit on this chair, since there is a sword hanging on my head all the time, which can fall at any moment! Dionysius, please let me go.'

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