Mathematics of Relationships

An individual lives many relations in his life. In fact, one’s roles and relationships define a person. In a family, sometimes a person lives the role of a son; sometimes he is a father, sometimes a husband, and sometimes he is a brother. Outside home he may be a boss (employee) or even live as a citizen of his country. And, socially he lives the life of a friend. Viewing these diversified roles, we can definitely associate with this ‘ship’ the ‘relation’ of mathematics.

As in mathematics, ‘relation’ is used to represent the mapping between things; similarly, in our relationships it is only the bonding (mapping) that defines the strength of a relation. But, the problem with our daily relations is that many a times these mappings weaken and even break. You know why? Simply because we limit ourselves to relations and do not convert them into functions (in mathematics, a function is a “well-behaved” relation). As a result, our relationships don not function. Therefore, need of the hour is to achieve harmony in one’s relationships by appropriately playing the respective roles.

In this context, remarkable messages can be drawn from one of the greatest pioneers of a new line of thought in the east, Confucius, who has mentioned about five specific relationships. He believed that if one gets these relationships in order, everything will work out to be just fine.  

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