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Meditation Transforms Us- A Pragmatic Perspective!

‘Meditation’ the closest synonym of the Hindi world ‘Dhyana’, is not just a word of 10 alphabets. It is actually a revolutionary process for our 10 senses. It has the potential to transform us from a person in bondage to a freebie.

Here is the Meditation’ transformational power-

Meditation provides a path for our intrinsic ‘Telos’ (A greek word meaning goal) and is a ‘lernstift’of our life

Meditation tunes us to our ‘conscience’ thereby helping us to move towards positivity. It is the spiritual compass that always directs us to the supreme power. That is why Sri Yukteshwar often advised his disciples- Meditate to have good character and attitude.

Meditation transforms our lives from ‘Time-Servant’ to ‘Time-Master’

There are two concepts of time in science. One is Newtonian Time and the other is Einsteinian Time.

It is described by Sir Issac Newton that no matter what, a clock called as cosmic clock is ticking every second, which is not under the control of anything. That’s why we call time as absolute. The clock’s ticking is independent of any natural or unnatural activity.

However, Einstein on the other hand gave another theory stating that time is not totally independent. Rather, it’s a relative concept leading to the theory of relativity. This theory shook the foundations of the work done by the scientists for three centuries. Einstein stated that our time-clock is only one of the measures of moving time and, therefore, time is dependent on movement.

… Newton’s time is rigid and Einstein’s time is elastic. There are two ideas given by these two scientists: Newton says you are the servant of time, “time waits for no one,” whereas Einstein states that the time is dependent on the rate of change.

Now, the question arises- what is the thing which changes and which governs the speed of time and makes it appear to be moving? …

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