Meet the Eco-Celebrities!

  • They are saving more than 850 human lives every year.
  • They help in preventing as many as 670,000 incidents of acute respiratory symptoms per year.
  • They are wonderful noise filters and...
  • They keep the surroundings cool by ...
  •  Several studies have highlighted that they are very effective in reducing stress or boosting mental health.
  • They prove to be wonderfully effective natural barriers to withstand the tidal waves.

Any guesses, what this 'they' refers to? Well, 'they' are that which we have brutally ruined! They are that which stand today on the verge of collapse. They are that which have received ghastly death blows in exchange of their life-giving services! Yes, 'they' are the poor, dilapidating TREES!

And, 'who' bears the 'credit' of all these catastrophic actions that have resulted in tragic reactions? The one and the only- 'human beings'... No... no! We, the 'so-called civilised' human beings! We, 'the egoistic human beings! We, 'the selfish and self-centric' human beings! ...

... In purview of the current state of affairs, someone has succintly stated: "Only when the last tree has died, the last river has been poisoned and the last fish has been caught, will we realise that we cannot eat money?"

Indeed, it's high time to wake up and shake ourselves to realise the impending danger.

Certainly, we have reached the stage where there is no scope of preventive actions. However, in this urgent need of hour, if we fail to take the corrective actions even now, then nothing can save mankind from becoming extinct! Some people have realised this forthcoming risk to whole mankind! Some people have shown courage to rip apart their closed shells of greed, ego, and selfishness to step forward and think selflessly... Well, they are today beheld with pride as the 'Eco-Celebrities'....

To meet a few of them and imbibe some nuggets of selflessness, to join hands in saving our nature, our environment, our mother earth, and ourselves, read the complete article in the March'18 edition of English Akhand Gyan Monthly Magazine.

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