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Mobile Phone... An Epidemic

One year old Sam was engrossed in playing, when all of a sudden the phone bell rang. His mother came running from the kitchen and picked up the phone. On the other side, it was Sam’s grandmother who was missing and remembering him. That’s why, she was eager to listen to his voice. But, Sam was too young to know how to speak. So, to calm the curiosity of his nanny, Sam’s mother placed the phone near his ear.

This instance does not relate to any one home. Right from the opening of the eyes in the morning to falling asleep at night, inside or outside home, from a toddler to an old person- the empire of mobile phone is spread in all the directions today. The mobile phone genie is taking everyone under its control. Especially in the case of youngsters, this mobile phone is as if the lamp of Aladdin, that you rub it a bit (dial a number) and your wishes fulfil.

You must be thinking, what’s wrong with this. In just one stroke, mobiles phones have brought even the villages in the ambit of modernism and advancement of the cities of the contemporary world. The unprivileged and uneducated segment has also got connected with the technology of the mobile. Today, mobile phone has become a symbol of being modern and up to date.

We acknowledge and accept your thoughts. But it is said that there are two sides of the same coin. On one hand where the mobile phone has many benefits, there, subsequently, comes a huge list of dangers as well, caused by its excessive use. In the purview of the serious harms caused by the mobile phones, scientists have also shown their concern regarding their use. Today we want to acquaint the millions and billions of consumers of cell phones, living world over, with these dangers. We want to make you conversant with all those features of mobile phones, which you are unaware of. Please pay attention, the features we are going to discuss here have been proved by scientists and come free of cost with the mobile phone from the beginning itself. Although features like the internet, camera, recording, etc., are different in different mobile phones; however, the following features are similar in all of them.

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