More Digitisation or Digital Detox?


Akshay, who is now based in the US, calls his friend Vinay, settled in India. They both studied in college together and were in regular touch since then.

Akshay: Hi Vinay! What’s up?

Vinay: All well… nothing new as such… same office, same boss, same deadlines, same responsibilities… Uh! At times, I feel life has become a maze, in which you are entangled so badly that you hardly get time to breathe!! How cool were those college days… when there was fun, enjoyment and specially, no such state of utter time crisis where you are only see rushing and running here and there.

Akshay: You seem to be quite troubled and bogged down due to a severe time crunch! I feel you should buy a set of robots for your assistance!

Vinay giggles…

Akshay: Hey, I am not joking! I recently attended a robo-expo here. Wow! It was just amazing! …

There was one driver-robo, designed to drive your vehicle. It manages everything for you, right from selecting the best route, right speed, to getting the fuel refilled at the appropriate time. You only have to tell it your destination and then enjoy the ride.

Vinay: That’s wonderful, Akshay! Now that you have told me about such a robot, I would desperately long for it when my driver goes on leave…

Akshay: …You know there was one pet-robot as well… …The salesman there told me that sometime back, Sony came up with a robo-pet dog, named AIBO. When feedbacks were taken from those who purchased AIBO, most of them felt that AIBO was better in comparison to a real dog. They cited mainly two reasons for this- one, there was no risk of AIBO biting anyone; two, it would never leave its master or sadden him by dying!

Vinay: Good option!

Akshay: …At expo, it was being said that digitisation will rise to such an extent that soon there will be a time when people will prefer to have robots as their life partners because they never argue with you…

So, what do you think Vinay felt in the same manner as Akshay did? Do these robots and gadgets really can resolve all our problems? To know this and furthermore, read the complete article in November’16 edition of English Akhand Gyan Monthly Magazine.

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