Morning Walk - Way go Health

Although we don't memorise the day when we started walking, but we are sure our parents would have rejoiced that day. Ask them and they will say, 'Ah! When you started walking, with each passing day you wished to walk fast so as to explore the world around you. Walking was the most beautiful and attractive thing for you. Our happiness knew no bounds when we saw your little feet walking through the paths with excitement, cheerfulness and smiles.’

How strange! Today, when it comes to walking, all our excitement, cheerfulness, and smiles are gone! And, when it comes to morning walk, then... our answer is big 'NO!!!'. Here is the list of excuses-

1. I don't find time to fit morning walk in my schedule.

2. I need to relax; who wants to get up so early just for a walk.

3. It is very monotonous to walk every morning.

4. I am already hale and hearty.

5. I will start from tomorrow.

But friends! Mind it, today these excuses (and many other in your list) might appeal your mind, but, with ageing, you will again realise the importance of walking. You will regret as 'walking is the best resort to maintain your health.'

Though walking has its own benefits, but it can't beat the importance and benefits of 'a morning walk'. Because-
As per a 2011 research published in the Journal of Medicine and Science, the timing of walking influences the health benefits. For example, it was noticed that in comparison to those who exercise later in the day, morning walkers are able to regulate their blood pressure better.

Going for morning walk for at least 30 minutes daily is very beneficial. To know the complete benefits of consistent morning walk, read the complete article in the Mar'17 edition of English Akhand Gyan Monthly Magazine.

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