Mystical Wireless from the Battlefield to the Palace!

In the age of modern science and technology, often the legends recorded on the pages of epics and scriptures are seen from the lens of mysticism and impracticality. However, as a matter of fact, the writings in these repositories epitomise the real heights and advancements of science and technology. This statement holds valid in the light of the fact that over the period of time as modern science has advanced, many aspects of these ancient writings have been found perfectly scientific and logical, that too of fine stature. Moreover, where there are numerous instances of the theories and revelations of modern science being proved incorrect or incomplete, there the legitimacy of the revelations in these texts of wisdom remain unchallengable. ...

Let's move to the time frame when, after all possible attempts to reconcile failed, it was finally decided that a massive battle of Mahabharata will take place between the Kauravas and the Pandavas to resolve the feud. At that time, the blind King Dhritrashtra expressed his desire to know about the happenings in the battlefield. The Mahabharata says that considering the King's urge, Sanjaya was provided with the faculty of the distant vision by the sage Ved Vyasa. The sage said to the King- "Sanjaya will give the description of all the incidents of the war. Nothing in the battlefield will go unseen or unheard by him. Whether an accident occurs before his eyes or behind his back, during the day or night, concealed or in public, and whether it manifests in the form of an action or appears only in thought- he will know them all in their exact form. Neither the weapons or arrows will hit nor will he feel tired."
Now, what was that power which enabled Sanjaya to see and hear what was happening in the distant battlefield?
As an answer, we come across several notions that are today beheld by the rational, logical, and analytical minds. 

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