Nature's Mind Case Studies

Nature's potential and competence is far more superior to human abilities. If these hidden capabilities are explored, then, humanity can experience a significant improvement in its living standards. Science today is seeking natural laws that could be used in carving out innovative, energy efficient, reliable and durable products and designs. For this, human engineers, scientists, and designers are heading towards nature to find solutions to their problems. The proof of this inclination is the rise in the number of scientific publications which focus on the area of biomimicry. Here are four interesting and mind-blowing case studies that show how nature's Mind can be mimicked to amazing and unbeatable technologies, designs, and architecture.
Case Study...

Bio-Mimic Water Mixer

Spiral shapes are prevalent in the variety of things in nature. For instance, bacteria, seashells, whirlpools, tornadoes, calla lilies, climbing vines, and even galaxies.
Researchers adhered to this design as a solution to a variety of practical problems. One example in this regard is the design of water storage tanks. Such tanks are put to application for city water supplies and also as a reserve for the purpose of fire safety. Actually, the main issue of concern is that the stored water can turn into a breeding ground for unhealthy organisms. Thus, for the purpose of prevention, often chemicals and pumps are used to keep the water in motion.

Well, there is a wonderful alternative to keep the water in circulation. This is done by installing a small spiral shaped device in place of typical pumps or rotating blade mechanism. It has been researched and proven experimentally that one small, spiral shaped rotor can circulate hundreds of millions of gallons of water, that too with minimum expense. The water thus remains in smooth motion, with no turbulence or frictional energy losses. This aspect remains valid even when the substance is in gaseous state instead of liquid.

Inspired from the design of calla Lily, a Lily impeller (name derived from the flower) is placed at the core of the PAX Water Mixer. This impeller replicates nature's spiral flow pattern- the one which we get to see in whirlpools and tornados. This pattern of flow results in significant improvement in the performance as well as the energy usage of mixing water storage tanks. An amazing feature is that only at 8 inch (21 cm) tall Lily impeller can circulate millions of gallons of water, that too with the same energy footprint as that of three 100-watt light bulbs!

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