New Inspirations for the Year 2018

Japan Jan 1, 2018

Vietnam Feb 16, 2018

Mongolia Feb 26, 2018

India Mar28, 2018

Assyria Apr 1, 2018

Sri Lanka Apr 13, 2018

Ethiopia Feb 26, 2018

Any guesses about these country-date pairs? Well, these dates mark the beginning of a new year in these dates. Dates may vary, the calenders may vary... but one parameter remains common, i.e. ‘celebrations’. However, one gets to see the shades of diversity in the pattern of these celebrations. These customs and traditions are associated with the belief systems of the natives of those countries. Whatsoever be those belief systems, we can always capture some nuggets of inspiration for ourselves from them.


The tradition marks the collection of dishes all round the year and then? Then, throw them, smash them, bang them in front of the door on the New Year’s eve! The Danish believe that the no. Of broken dishes are directly proportional to the number of friends one shall have in the New Year.

It’s quite different, isn’t it? But it does signify a fantastic hint to wipe off all differences from the hearts by smashing all prejudices, past impressions, pre-conceived notions, etc. about those we come in contact with. The bonding strength of friendship thus achieved would undoubtedly be unmatched and unbeaten!


Here, the moment the clock strikes 12 at midnight, everybody is ready to eat grapes! Yes! Twelve grapes, one at each strike of the clock! The Spanish believe that your good luck is all set to embrace you all the twelve months of the new year, if you have managed to gulp in twelve grapes at midnight!

Aha! A healthy and sweet way to step into the new year. Indeed, if we can adopt a healthy lifestyle and imbibe sweet feelings all through the year, then good luck will automatically fall in our lot! After all, health of the body and mind brings wealth (of fitness, happiness and robustness!)


Different countries... different traditional beliefs on New Year... To draw the complete inspiration, read the complete article in the Jan’18 edition of English Akhand Gyan Monthly Magazine.

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