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No Pink Slips in His Domain!

When are people hired in multi-national or global companies? When they prove themselves to be productive assets at the time of interview! When they showcase that they are the first-level enthusiasts, best-fit for the company! What next after recruitment? They strive to bring in their best to the job and their performance is watched on a day-to-day basis. At any point of time, if their efficiency decreases, there is a consequential increase in the risk of losing the job. The challenge doesn’t end here! Even if they put in their best to achieve any target for the company, when the company’s business hits a low, they are offered pink slips! For, they then tend to be a burden for the company. This panoramic description befits today’s corporate culture.

Let’s now take a look at the scenario in the world of spirituality that shines bright with the divine radiance of the Perfect Master. A Perfect Spiritual Mentor recruits the inquisitives, i.e. the aspirants of God, in his significant mission… but, on what basis? Contrary to the corporate world, He recruits us even when we are loaded with the feeling of being unproductive! When we are depressed from the life’s hustle-bustle… Then, often it happens that we are sluggish in following the instructions of the Master. Even then, He doesn’t show us the exit door from His mission! He doesn’t give us a pink slip under any condition.  …Not to miss upon the essential fact that unlike the corporate sector, wherein the goals and visions are confined to some boundaries; the mission of the Spiritual Master is supremely vast! His aim encapsulates the accomplishment of the toughest task in the world, i.e. to bring reformation in every individual in terms of his thoughts and actions!

There is one interesting contrast between a Boss and the Spiritual Master. To know this in toto, read the complete article in the April edition of English Akhand Gyan Monthly Magazine 2015.

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