O My Young Sons! Let the World Salute You!

It is seen how the present-day youth has deviated from the ideals and principles characterising a real youth, thus assuming the image of a bane instead of a boon for the society. An attempt was made to trigger a serious contemplation in the youth to remove the blemishes that have resulted in his downfall, so that the utter loss to the invaluable youthfulness of the vast population of youth can be prevented. In order to restore the glory of his youth, it was proposed to draft a manifesto, which has the potential to carve out a perfect youth, and which allows the youth to fully-realise his unlimited storehouse of potential and capabilities.



Attribute 1: The Richest in Character

 When it comes to the making of a real youth, then the attribute which plays the prime role in this regard is his strong and rich character. Character is the foundation stone of one’s personality.

… A youth rich in character, is indeed a blessing for mankind and also the dire need of the hour; because, such youngsters alone have always initiated a revolution for bringing a change in the society to make a beautiful world.

But how a youth remain always rich in character and become a real asset to the nation?  What is the methodology for attaining the heights of a strong character?

Attribute2: Broader Perspective…

Someone has aptly quoted-‘You must look within for value, but must look beyond for perspective.’

Attribute 3: Modern and Joyful in the real sense…

Attribute 4:

What are these important attributes all about, which by imbibing, the world salutes these young hearts? All this, and even the intricate methodologies to attain these specific attributes, to know complete, read the article of December edition of English Akhand Gyan monthly magazine.

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