O Son, O Father, O Husband, O Brother...

A woman essays herself in various roles. For a son, she becomes an ocean of love. For a father, she becomes a 'true son' who is always there as a support when he becomes old. For a husband, she is life partner who stands by him through all ups and downs. And for a brother, she is ready to make compromises in her life. True, a woman is a home maker and also a society maker. If a son, a father, a husband and a brother are the four fingers of a hand, then a woman is the thumb.

A woman as a Mother

... As the team was about to leave, one of the members noticed some movement beneath the woman's body. He bent and saw a child under her. The entire team carefully cleared the piles of heavy stones around the dead woman. They found a 3-month old little boy draped in a flowery blanket underneath. The little boy was sleeping peacefully below his mother who had sacrificed her life to save him.

A woman as a Daughter

... Once, passengers were travelling in an airplane. Suddenly, a warning indicating some trouble in the journey flashed- 'Fasten your seat belts. We are facing an attack of a bad weather.' On hearing that, everyone in the plane got tensed.

...  That girl confidently said,'Uncle, why should I be afraid? How can my father who is the pilot of this plane let me die? That's why I am sitting happily."

A woman as a Wife

... A husband expects that his life partner should give him space as he has his friends and colleagues who are also a part of his life. But, for visiting her first family, the wife should seek permission from him. A husband expects that his wife should not hurt his ego, but every now and then he shakes his wife's self esteem by negating her right decisions and views.

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