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Jewelry is one of the main accessories of women's attire. Since ancient times, jewelry has been in vogue for the women folk. True, it is the means for representing the fashionable trends and style as in the modern times. However, besides that, the concept of jewelry comes with manifold purposes, which many of us might not be aware of. During the Vedic era, there were 36 essential ornaments, each to benefit a specific body mechanism. The affluent ones had it all; however, even the poor managed to wear the most common items. Many of those ornaments and jewels are not in common use these days. Essentially, the health benefits gained by wearing these ornaments include the following:

●   Stimulation of a particular nerve

●   Regulation of the blood pressure

●   Increase in the blood circulation

Jewels/ ornaments are primarily made of gold, silver and bronze. Metals are good conductors of energy. Therefore, body heat remains under control. As a matter of fact, gold ornaments are preferred on the upper part of the body and silver ornaments on the lower part of the body. It is because, as per the scientific principles and norms, silver responds well to the earth's energy while gold reacts well with the body's energy and aura. Hence, silver is worn usually as anklets and toe rings, while gold is used to embellish the upper half of the body. Let's know in detail about the properties and benefits of gold and silver ornaments.

Our heart operates on the basis of electrical impulses. When earth's magnetic field opposes the electrical impulses, the heart's strength to perform its functions reduces. In order to prevent this, gold is worn since gold is diamagnetic, meaning it repels a magnetic field. As gold is worn up to the heart region in the form of pendants, the heart tends to remain free from the interference caused by earth's magnetic field. 
What are the benefits of gold, silver on our health?

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