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Over-Thinking should be over forever!

Throw a glance at fig. A.  Oops!  In this total mess, are you able to find where these arrows are heading towards?

Ok, if this graphic was to represent some aspect of our personality, what would that be… with so many arrows emerging and going haywire? Any guesses? You must have guessed it right. These arrows are representative of our thoughts, which continuously emanate from our mind.  And, what if these arrows are further increased in the figure? Oh! Surely, it would result in a catastrophic situation! Isn't it? The worrying factor today is that in our real lives as well, we believe in following the principle of increasing these arrows of thoughts by means of a chain reaction. What makes the story sad is that, many of these thoughts are either futile or unnecessary. This is one of the major problems of people, and is called the process of over-thinking.

It's the over-thinking mind that stops us from moving forward in life. It's the over-thinking mind that brings instability by making us feel anxious and worried about this or that. It's the over-thinking mind that makes simple situations complex.  And so, it's the over thinking mind that must be better controlled in order to stop worrying and start living…


A man met a lady in a market without informing his wife. But, to his misfortune, his wife saw him meeting that lady in the market. When the husband returned home, she didn't ask him directly about the lady. And, the husband's replies to her indirect questions resulted in the thoughts of suspicion in her mind. This suspicion turned into fire with more and more negative thoughts. As a result, cracks developed in their relationship. However, luckily, one day she met that lady in a mall. During their conversation, she was shocked to know about the real situation. The reality was that the husband was very caring and was hiding his wife's illness from her. Actually, that lady was a doctor…

Most of the time, it's your mind that projects huge mountains of problems, which otherwise have no basis at all! It's just due to the tendency of the mind to over think, and that too negatively, that situations turn from bad to worse...

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