People Could Hear My Thoughts- Blessing In Disguise

Neither in the corner of a dark room nor while having the morning stroll; but his thoughts confronted him in front of his best friend in his college’s cafeteria. He didn’t have time or space to think as the deepest defences of his mind had been breached; his mind became an open book that apparently anybody could read. Each and every thought, every insecurity, every conflict was clearly audible in the outside world. What followed was a feeling of disbelief running with the speed of light among his neurons, looking for an escape from the dire situation he was caught in. But even that was audible to his friend.

Unable to comprehend anything, he just ran away.

Think! What would you have done id your friends could suddenly hear your thoughts?

Such an incident could freak out anyone. And for Raj, it was one of those days. But sometimes, something worthwhile may seem to be nightmare at the onset.

It was a nightmare as Raj was the personification of the word ‘caution’. Think twice before saying; thrice before doing; and indefinitely before taking an unprecedented step. In class 9, the chapter permutation and combination became his favourite because that’s what he was good at. A player of ‘what ifs’. always 2 steps ahead! But this development in his friends being able to hear his thoughts was somewhat that his bran couldn’t fathom at all. And so, in the response of fight or flight, he chose the latter.

Ram - Hey! You Ok?

Raj - Stay away from me, dude. Shuu... You are not you, today.

Raj was terrified to find Ram behind him. *Can he still listen to my thoughts?*

Raj thought to check if the nightmare was over.

Ram - Ahhh, Yes I can. And I think, so can others.

Ram pressed his lips to show sympathy towards his friend who was already terrified.

Raj - what? NO WAY!

Ram - Yes..... Rohan heard that you think he is looking ugly in his yellow shirt today and Soham was angry to know that you always ditch him on purpose.

Raj - Oh fish... How could they? I mean... but how do you know? They told you?

*What the hell is happening?*

Ram - yeah, Rohan told me. He initially thought you were insulting him on his face. But, before he could confront you, he noticed that your lips weren’t moving. So, he got confused and asked me to check what the matter was.

Raj - What the hell? Huh.... What kind of joke is that?



... What if your friends get to know that you are ditching them on purpose, or your boss gets to know that you make excuses for your sick leaves? It would get you in an issue with them, right? And that’s why we lie, isn’t it?

After all, what a white lie could cause?

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