Pornography- An Imperative Need To Eradicate The Endemic Disease

‘Pornography’ is probably the most dreaded ‘addictive disease’ parents of most teenagers fear their young ones would get infected with. Yet the modern-day urban lifestyle is ensuring that these young minds get infected with this virus just at the click of a mouse. Shockingly, the virus is not only eating away young minds, but also destroying the whole social fabric of our society; and, sadly, we are allowing it to do so. Possibly it is because of the lack of awareness of the devastating harm it is causing or mistakably considering it to be an acceptable norm all youngsters indulge into. And where parents are unaware of its potential damage and feel impelled to accept it as normal, it would be too much to expect the young minds to know about it and make a conscious effort to stay away from it. It is important to make a beginning, and it’s high time that we do it now!

Several research studies on pornography and its social/ personal effects provide enough, robust data… to shake both young, as well as the old, out of the slumber they are in, and work proactively to counter it. In fact, Dr. Victor, a noted researcher in pornography and Professor of Psychology says, “the question about the effects of pornography is no longer debated and everybody  (scientists/researchers/professionals) knows that it causes harm.” He further adds, “Pornography is addictive and is a powerful form of negative education which changes human sexual behaviour, conditioning it towards deviancy and other crimes; and lot of published data attests this for anybody and to deny its affects anymore.”

Let's look at the substantial research evidence that pornography is causing. With the strength of these evidences, based on several studies, one would not deny the conclusions but would consider them to be concrete, consistent and unassailable.

Pornography contributes to various psychological and social problems:

Young men addicted to pornography have been seen to neglect their work, spend huge amount of money are behaviourally introverted and develop a strong inclination towards sensuality. More importantly, pornography leads the youth to substance- abuse and drug addiction. These subjects are often seen to suffer from mental problems including depression. Dr. Wiliam Struthers, confirms and adds that men who use pornography have high anxiety and low self-esteem, and are depressed, dissociative and distractible. Depression is an important problem in those viewing frequent pornography. Investigations have revealed that both married and single men viewing pornography experience moderate to severe depression symptoms and findings were more prevalent in those who viewed pornography more frequently. Pornography research done as early as 1984 and 1988... strongly suggests that repeated exposure to even standard, non-violent, commonly available pornography leads to increased callousness towards women, distorted perceptions about sexuality, devalued importance of monogamy, and doubts about the value of marriage.

...Pornography contributes to deviant behaviour and compromised marriages

...Pornography leads to a range of sexual crimes, including rape

...Pornography not only represents an individual, personal problem but is a deep-rooted cultural, collective malaise.

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