Productify Your Loneliness!

Do you know, as per the latest sources, besides the severe catastrophes caused by the latest pandemic among the nations, there is a chance of another blow to the mankind with one more impending epidemic. And, the epicentre of this outbreak is found to be our ‘lonely minds’. Because the so-called psychological infectious agent has started advancing among the masses at a maddening pace and it is none other than ‘loneliness’. Loneliness occurs when a person, remaining socially isolated for a considerable period, harmonises the feeling of aloneness and discomfort. The disease manifests in humans by degrading their mental health, resulting in depression, bipolar syndrome… up to the extent of suicides and premature deaths.

Surprised! Let us do a fact check. A 2010 study conducted by psychologists compared its lethality to ‘smoking 15 cigarettes per day’. It was estimated by the World Health Organisation (WHO) in 2015 that more than 322 million people have depression. …For your information, the Govt. of United Kingdom appointed its first Minister of Loneliness in 2018 to cater problems of such people. But, the question is what is the cause of this increasing vulnerability of people towards loneliness? Have the circumstances turned more impenetrable or is it our faulty outlook towards such situations? Let us take a look at the so-called lonely years of a few well-known personalities and try to grab motivational gems from them.

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