Real Inspiration from the Reel Life of Panda Po!

This whole cosmos is like a school for us, a learning ground, full of inspirations and beautiful lessons. All our texts of wisdom guide us that from wherever we get to learn something good and inspirational, we should embrace it with open arms. Indeed, if we have this bent of mind, then, wherever and in whichever scenario we are, we can took for such tales or massages, that can enhance our thinking, our thought set, our way of living or our overall lifestyle.

You would be surprised to know that even in the entertainment world of Hollywood and Bollywood, along with fun and enjoyment, there are insightful inspirations that are worth imbibing. Don't you think with this approach, where recreation relaxes us and learning enriches us, we can make this amusing moments doubly valuable for ourselves! In other words, along with the colours or shades of enjoyment, we also get the dose of knowledge. A free gift with entertainment!

Though the 'Cinematic Delight' platform of Akhand Gyan, we intend to nourish your inner being with the golden lessons derived from the entertainment world.
This time, the 'Cinematic Delight' section brings to you a movie offline, which many of you must have watched. Well, if not, don't worry! We will give you an offline look into the movie. Not just that, we will also unfold the latent messages, which can be imbibed on the path of spirituality.

Movie: Kung fu Panda

Character set:

* Shifu, the Rabbit- In the role of a Master.

* Po the Panda- In the role of an inquisitive and, subsequently, a disciple of Shifu.

* Tai Lung, the Snow Leopard- In the role of a villain.

Here goes the storyline...

A lazy, funny, and easy-going Panda Po lived in the Valley of peace. One day, he sees a dream where he is fighting as a Kung fu expert and that's what he aspired to be in real life.

A day comes when Po is highly enthusiastic on being chosen as a dragon warrior, though accidentally. However, he faces bad behavior from five Kung fu experts called the Furious Five. This is so because they were the actual contenders for the role of a dragon warrior.

... How Shifu extends a moral support to Po, what is the parallel connection of this storyline with the ones who are aspiring for spirituality or are treading the path of spirituality.
To know this and furthermore, read the complete article in Aug'16 edition of English Akhand Gyan Monthly Magazine...

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