Recognition of a Great Human!

In office, in social- circle, while commuting, while doing anything that involves direct or indirect interaction, we come across some people who flutter around with utmost fakeness. What they pretend is not just confined to material show-off, but also demonstrating behavioral traits that the wise wouldn't associate with them at all. Being witness to so much going around in this fake orchestrated world, our mind at times wonders, "How to identify, who is actually good and who is not? Who is worth adoring and adhering, and who is not?" Let's read the following story and help ourselves in comprehending the key-traits that would not only make it easy for us to identify a great human, but also inspire us to be the one.

Brahmdutt, the highly acclaimed king of kingdom named Varanasi, was quite famous for his virtues and great-values. He used to run his kingdom by wisdom, law and practicing righteousness. As the leader, so the followers! These traits had trickled down in his court- men and ministers as well and they too used to partake in public welfare with great regard and attention. The countrymen, hence lived happily. As everyone worked consciously, there used to be no conflicts that the king had to resolve. This gave ample amount of idle-time to the law-enforcement officers, which they would just while away... doing nothing productive day in and out. Taking cue from all this, Brahmdutt ruminated, "Because of my righteous behavior and truthful- practices, no one comes to me with conflicts. There isn't any sort of scuffle in the court-rooms. Probably I might even need to shut the courts sometime soon. Am I perfect? Is there not even a single line of defect in me! I have to get to know about this. And, as soon as I am aware of it, I'll get rid of it. Hence, I'll be forever a wise man."

First and foremost, he inquired about the same in his palaces. Not a single person was found in those architectural marvels who could tell the king about his short-comings. Whosoever he met, praised him head to toe. "They could be doing so out of fear, for I am their King." Brahmdutt thought. He thus decided to venture out of the palaces. To his sheer amazement, he couldn't find anyone there as well. Still undeterred, he furthered into the cities and towns. Not a single living creature could be found amongst the towns' residents who could introduce the king with his faulty side.  Rather, all showered heaps of praised onto the king.

So, did he actually get to know that he is a great human! How?

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