Relation + Intention + Expression!

“Shyam broke a wooden chair as his son passed 12th with just 35%. He grounded his son in a dark room to showcase the perils of not being sincere in life. Although he himself also remained restless till the time he kept his son locked!”

“Rahul brings left-over sweets for the labourers at his factory because he wants them to think that he likes them and thus propel them to work more sincerely out of reciprocity.”

“Soham missed his class to prepare for his parents’ anniversary surprise. However, he got severely scolded by his dad before he could do the arrangements, as he had a surprise test that day and his teacher didn’t miss calling him about the same.”

“Sheila packed the breakfast and kept it in her son’s bag as he woke up late that day. Her son was lovingly remembering her while eating the rolled chapatti with a delicious stuffing in his school bus.”

Out of the aforementioned incidents, if asked to pick the odd one out, you all would choose the fourth one. Right? Why?

“It’s the happy one,” you might say.

What would be your remark if I say that all the instances above are at least 50 per cent happy stories? You don’t believe me? See again.

1.      Failing early in life is okay; but Shyam intends a better future for his son.

2.      Labourers are delighted to have a sweet next to their lunch boxes, which otherwise they cannot afford to relish.

3.      Soham’s gesture of giving anniversary surprise indeed showed that he felt grateful for his parents and wanted to return something.

Aren’t they all somewhat happy stories too? But these all got screwed. Why? It was because our focus was only one aspect and we ignored the rest!

The result-oriented world that we live in has casted its impact on our relationships too! Everything has become a means to the end. “What’s the result?” is what matters! I, of course, agree that sometimes outcome is very essential. For instance, if I want to send a satellite into the orbit, I need it done, no matter what! But when this attitude gets diffused into relationships, it saps out what relationships are actually for: Love and Growth! Isn’t it?

So, how should we approach a relationship?

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