Relationships: Real or Fake?

When we talk about relationships, the first line of support and the most immediate help in difficult times is expected from friends. … They are there to support you only during the sunny days of your life. … Out of all the relatives, the strongest support obviously is from the ‘family’. 

… There was a young boy who was very regular at attending spiritual discourses. The saint conducting the discourse felt very happy to see his devotion at such young age and really loved him. … However, suddenly, the frequency of his visits to attend the discourses started dropping. … After some years, when the saint met him at a market place, he enquired about his where about. During the discussion, the saint discovered that the boy, now a mature man, was leading a happy family life with his parents, wife and kids. … In a bid to give him a teaching, he asked the young man to enact a small drama to discover the reality of relations that he thought to be real. 

… Then the saint offered the cup to the man’s wife. … She shook her hands off saying that her kids would have to face a lot of difficulties in the absence of care and nurturing of motherly love.

…On asking his mother, she said she has three kids and if she loses her life for one, it would not be fair for the remaining two.

The message is clear that the ‘so-called or thought of ‘most trusted line of support, i.e. our family is also there with us only till we are alive.   

To know more about the real relations of our lives read the complete article in September 2013 English Akhand Gyan monthly magazine.

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