Salute to their Heroism and Patriotism!

“Not fair! Being a Project Manager, the prestige I am receiving from that so-called administrative officer is not justified”, said Mr. X, a software engineer and a Project Manager at a firm. “The ever- increasing work load has been working me into a frenzy and I am not even entitled to an air travel.” Mr. X was quite stressed and unsatisfied with the growing responsibilities and meagre advantages from the company. Even a lavish, air-conditioned, deluxe compartment of an express couldn’t calm his mind. Nevertheless, for surviving the long journey, he decided to utilize the time with his laptop and go through with the drudgery. For a small time, he was wrapped in utmost dedication and tranquillity, when he felt a pair of eyes sneaking at his laptop. Unnerved by the gaze, he moved his sight just to find a young, simple, and a well-built athlete-like personality peeking at his work. Before Mr. X could boast of his position and importance, that man enquired from him if he was from the software industry. Mr. X was already prepared with an answer with a snobbish expression on his face. He raised his eyebrows, breathed out the tediousness, and eased himself on the seat to proceed, “Yeah! You see, it’s not an easy task. Our thorough diligence and determination towards this profession has made the lives of people like you so easy. …Has anyone ever thought of the sweat and complexity involved behind the simple transactions coming on a single database? … While the man seemed to be quite impressed by the piece of information he had just received. Mr. X had perhaps completely vent the frustration he was storing in since long.

The empathy for Mr. X and the rapport was quite clear from the man’s facial lines. Then it was Mr. X’s turn to seek information. The man started with the story of his life… “I have also been in a situation which had forced me to not to look even beyond the end of my nose. We were 30 in the group, laced with ammunitions and had to capture Point 4875 before dawn. Firing was on. Many of our men had already attained martyrdom. …There were trivial chances of survival and so were our dying hopes. But, it was our goal that shone brighter and brighter and prevented the intense fire of courage and patriotism burning within us from dousing. And, with the rising sun, our flag waved high in the sky at the goal, with four of us remaining.”

By now, Mr. X was shivering. …Perhaps he had realised that he was actually enjoying the life of luxury since he was born. …As the man proceeded to leave, Mr. X stood high with a salute and a feeling of great respect for all the men out there risking their blood for the nation. …

To read about some examples of such brave combatants in detail, read the complete article in Feb’18 edition of English Akhand Gyan Monthly Magazine.

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