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Samadhi- The Sovereign Science

In the recent past a subject was projected as a big suspense and mystery. That subject was- Samadhi. In reality, Samadhi is no suspense, but a deep meditative state, which transcends the realms of body, mind and intellect.

 It is a subject, where the logical and analytical ability of a being become silent and the instruments of science fall short to gauge the real depth and intent. This article is an attempt to project the true picture of Samadhi to the readers.

What is Samadhi in reality?
One of the great yogis of India, Patanjali, has presented the step by step evolution process of the consciousness of man in form of Ashtang yog sutras. According to these sutras, the spiritual evolution of man progresses through seven stages finally reaching the state of Samadhi. …

Samadhi is the highest level, where the consciousness expresses itself to the fullest. It’s a state wherein the difference between the macro-cosmos (outer space) and the micro-cosmos (in the form of an individual) return to zero. The word ‘samadhi’ comprises of two words: Sam (uniformly or fully) + Adhi (to get established) i.e. a state wherein one establishes himself to the fullest extent in the supreme consciousness. It is ‘Rajvidya’ the king of all knowledge. …

What is the state of the physical body in samadhi?

… It's a state where a being seems to be stand still, that state is known as ‘samadhi’. …

… This state of nothingness of samadhi appears to be similar to the body which has no life. When the soul force travels outside the body while taking along with it the vital forces as well, all the biological processes of a body come to a standstill.

When it is tried to quantify this state through the instruments , one only gets to observe all results as zero-pulse rate is known as nil; respiration rate becomes zero; heart beat stops, i.e. ECG comes out to be a straight line; brain functioning stops, EEG also appears as straight line. On the basis of these readings, modern science happens to declare a body in Samadhi as dead and terms the state of Samadhi as 'clinical death'.

What is the reality behind the state of Samadhi?  Where lays the authentication of the concept of Samadhi? What is disciple's responsibility towards his guru when he is in Samadhi?

How to gain insight into process of Samadhi? –To know in detail read the the complete article in March 2014 English Akhand Gyan monthly magazine.

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