Self-Actualisation: The New-Age Management Mantra

Rapid Developments in Information technology in today’s Digital Age are leading to a collective shift in human consciousness. The era of worldwide internet has not only enabled us to have better awareness about ourselves, but also about others and the world around. Anything we want to know and explore about ourselves is available online; be it treatment to our illnesses, solutions to behavioural problems, sorting out personality or relationship issues, etc. Further, blogging and social networking has brought us closer, well-connected, and is allowing us to be better equipped in decision-making by rapid sharing of information and exchange of advices/opinions. … Undoubtedly, we are evolving into higher dimensions of conscious awareness and we are constantly striving t make healthier, intelligent, and best choices, which are propagating our consciousness towards Self-Actualisation.

Another shift happening in our consciousness is that in spite of all conveniences of modern life, there is more crime and violence around and we live in insecurity and mistrust. Despite working in comfort of our  air-conditioned offices, and material abundance att homes, we are tensed, stressed, and depressed than ever before. And this is forcing our mindsets to think beyond materialism, searching happiness in the spiritual realms. … Interestingly, this contemplative mindset is again a manifestation of our evolving life towards a ‘Self-Actualisation’ consciousness. And, for the corporate, understanding this shift in the mindset of people towards ‘Self-Actualisation’ is important so as to keep this workforce optimally motivated.

… In management parlance, ‘Self-Actualisation’ is better understood through Maslow’s pyramid of ‘Hierarchy of Needs’ which describes human ‘needs’ under five categories.

What is this Maslow’s pyramid of ‘Hierarchy of Needs’ and how it devises the strategies for ‘Self-Actualisation’ to happen at work place, to know this and further more, read the complete article of December edition of English Akhand Gyan monthly magazine.

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