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Slipped Disc


What the first thing that is formed in the baby in the mother's womb? To give you a hint, it's the most important channel from the physical perspective, through which all bodily stimuli are transferred to the nerves to the brain. Well, by now you must have rightly guessed- it's the spine. However, the sad part is that today , it is one of the most affected part of the body, as far as injuries, pains, and ailments are concerned. You would be rather shocked to know that around one billion people all around the world, from all age groups, are said to complain of back pain. As such, it is categorised as the biggest cause of disability on earth.

In order to highlight the significance of this part of the body and to sensitize people in keeping it fit and healthy, World Spine Day is celebrated    every year (16th October). This time, let's consider one of the most common ailments associated with the spine- Slipped Disc.

What is a Slipped Disc?


The spinal column has 33 bones in total, which are called vertebrae. These vertebrae are stacked one above the other and are encompassed by the thick spinal muscles. These vertebrae are cushioned by discs, called as the spinal discs, which act as shock absorbers to protect the spinal cord from damage or shocks from jerky or abrupt actions in daily life while lifting, twisting, etc. These discs are filled with a thick fluid (jelly-like), the inner part, and are cased with a tough outer ring. These discs are kept in their position with the help of strong ligaments that are attached to the bones. In case of injury, the inner part of the disc may slip and get displaced, protruding from the outer ring. This condition is termed as slipped disc, which is also labelled as herniated disc. One may experience synonyms as- pain going up to the legs or arms; burning sensation in the affected portion; numbness- mostly on one side of the body; pain after sitting or standing, etc.


To know the exercises and yoga-postures for solving the problem of slipped disc, to know some lifestyle related do's and don'ts, which might be helpful in this regard... Read the complete article of Feb'19 edition of English Akhand Gyan monthly magazine.


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