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It's a common belief that religion is a resort for the ones who are mental couch potatoes or timid – lacking the courage to face and fight the struggle for existence. Or, that it is supposed to be an escape for the blind-believers who cannot understand logics. One reason for this scepticism could be that the religion, which gained popularity over the years, was at its core far away from its true essence. Therefore, the religious practices prevalent today are stripped of their soul and purpose. The aim of Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan is to sweep away the misconceptions and restore the lost grandeur of Spirituality – the science of experience. It is working towards affirming the fundamental and essential nature of all religions – which is scientific and, hence, practical.

The mission from time to time organizes spiritual workshops in the premises of various colleges and institutes.

This time we will make our blog readers visit the premises of Maharaja Agrasen Institute of Technology (MAIT), Delhi, India. Many of the faculty members of the institute were imparted with Divine Knowledge (Brahm Gyan) by the grace of His Holiness Shri Ashutosh Maharaj Ji. So let’s hear a more profound aspect of life discovered in the tongue of technology by the engineers of MAIT.

Navneet Yadav, Senior Lecturer,
Electronics and Communication Dept.

Qs. Did you believe in the existence of God before being imparted with Divine Knowledge?

Ans. I always had this belief that there is a supernatural power which governs the cosmos and all its events. However, I never had the inclination or interest to know more about this power.

Qs. Nowadays, students are so much stressed and they go for meditation. Being their guides do you also suggest them to go for it?

Ans. I had heard of 'Meditation' and its manifold benefits for attaining a certmind wanders in the lanes of past and future troubles. The blunders and mishaps of the past, which hardly have any significance in the present, create unnecessary pain in our minds. The fears about the distant future create pointless anxiety and weariness. Through the meditation of Brahm Gyan, a worldly person like me also learns to concentrate on the vital energy inherent in the breaths. This constant focus on the breaths holds the mind from going astray and helps it to remain active and conscious in the present. The actual happiness lies in dwelling only in the present state of affairs. Through meditation alone, we can consistently practice this.

Qs. Since you are a faculty in the Electronics and Communication Department, would you like to send a message across to the readers about how this Divine Knowledge is a scientific phenomenon?

I was greatly impressed. The preachers explained spiritual concepts to us in a very systematic and logical way. For example, they said that the smallest unit of matter is atom. An atom has infinite energy. Currently, scientists are trying to tap this immense energy. I had this information from my knowledge of Physics. However, the new aspect which they put forth was why should we try only to harness energy in the atoms outside? It would be a greater approach and far more advantageous if we awaken the dormant energies present within our inner soul. This energy is boundless. It is bound to be always constructive, as it is divine in nature. Divine Knowledge teaches us how to do this practically.

Qs. As you are a faculty in the Mechanical Engineering Department, would you like to send a message across to the readers about how this Divine Knowledge is a scientific phenomenon?

whatever working machine you see is actually a form of Mechanism. In life, too, we need such a link which is fixed, so as to generate an output which is predictable and accurate as desired. I can say that this link is the Perfect Master (a Spiritual Guru). Once we are attached to this link, life too operates just like a properly functioning machine.


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