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Stay Organised, Stay Efficient

Not merely adhering to deadlines and actualizing tasks at the workplace signify a bright future for a working professional; it is a bundle of capabilities that trigger the professional’s flight to the pinnacle of accomplishment.

What a good thought it seems to be! However, this is not a cakewalk, for a major challenge lies in the fact that how do professionals strategize their ideas and grab every possible opportunity. This ability essentially exemplifies their competence and helps them stand out in the crowd while surpassing plenty of barriers in the corporate world.

When it comes to discussing routine affairs at the workplace, we envision what all a professional does to proceed with tasks. The 9AM to 6PM job is jam-packed with the deciding course of action for the current day, setting priorities, completing assignments, and sometimes, attending meetings. This hectic scenario also demands some leisure moments in order to shun a lackadaisical attitude. Here comes the role of organizing skills, instrumental in boosting the work efficiency of professionals. The better they organise their work, the better the results they get.

The crux lies in the hard-headed approach followed to streamline the day’s work, while not compromising with pre-set targets.

We had an informative session with Mr. ABC, a corporate professional, who addressed our queries with panache. Here are some excerpts from the interesting conversation.

Q1. What is the major challenge you need to come to terms with?

With loads of work surrounding me at times, my perplexity reaches its peak and the challenge lies in managing a series of tasks together… No doubt, I still have to toil hard as every now and then some urgent work emerges. But, once I get along well with the work flow, it’s simple and easy.

Q2. Do you think multi-tasking aids in juggling different tasks simultaneously?

Q3. Besides imbibing professional skills at the workplace, what according to you is imperative to keep going?

To know all the solutions, the tips on cultivating organizing skills and the complete flow chart for how to get organised at work, read the complete article in January edition of English Akhand Gyan monthly magazine.

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