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Take a piece of paper. Begin to write on it and fill it up. Now, again start writing on the same side of the paper, on the already written text, and write so much that there is no empty space left anywhere. Now, are you able to see what you had written on it in the first go? No. In fact, you can read nothing. Alas! You wrote so much but not a single word is readable. Similarly, throughout the day, if we talk and keep talking and continue doing that, what happens?

The paper of our brain and nervous system gets so completely soaked with our talks, that its capacity to comprehend anything sensible is lost. By the end of the day, we feel completely exhausted. Then, when we want to unwind and relax or meditate, we are unable to do so. Why? Because of the law of inertia: A body in motion… Hence, when we sit down to meditate, even though the tongue is not talking, but the mind is still talking due to inertia, and so we get thoughts, thoughts and thoughts! In order to rid ourselves of the unwelcoming thoughts, we need to apply a lot of effort, and time; but we are already so exhausted that the nervous system and the brain do not have any more energy to fight these thoughts. …

… If we keep stuffing our brain with anything and everything, it will be so filled in sometime that it won’t remain liveable. We would start having challenges in solving problems, in planning, in remembering important dates and events, and in fact we would start being fearful of ourselves! …

…Let’s say, we are extremely hungry and tired. In such a case, what do we need to do?

  1. Expend energy in Cooking food
  2. Expend energy in Eating it
  3. Expend energy in Digesting it

Reason being, only after the above three steps will we be able to derive energy out of food. But what if we are so tired and hungry that it is beyond our capacity to perform the above three steps? Is there any solution left? To know this and furthermore, read the complete article in the October edition of English Akhand Gyan Monthly Magazine.

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