Teamwork Makes Dream Work

Learning From The Marathas (Great Warriors In The History Of India)

Chhatrapati Shivaji (a great Maratha King, India) created perfect administrative systems, as analysed by the historians. Some remarkable learnings from him are as follows:

●  Team Work and System Orientation

Out of the 18,306 days that he lived, 5,885 were his formative days. And, of the remaining 12,421 days, he was at war only for 1/6th part of his active life. This shows his ability to get things do8even in his physical absence, through team work and system orientation.

●  Compensation for Team

He created different layers of management and also a formal compensation policy for all departments. These departments included finance, revenue, justice, religious affairs, external affairs etc. He strongly believed in paying well to his people.

●  Reliable Team-Members

precise HR policies & SOPs (Standard Operating Procedure) were created. Utmost importance was given to merit. Sensitive positions were filled by only reliable people, after checking all past records thoroughly. Whenever Shivaji went, he looked out for worthy-ones and once he found them, he used to test them and then, absorb them. He was a highly preferred employer and had a diverse army. He created a chain of talent where each bead was picked up tenaciously to add to the charm of the chain.

●  Other facts about his Team

He had diversity across all ranks of his military.

He converted an army of 2,000 that his father left him, to 10,000 and perfected the warfare strategies.
He was thoroughly practical and didn't encourage his troops to be martyred just for sake of it.

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