Temples around the World

Dear readers! This time the section of 'World View' ha come to take you on an interesting expedition to temples. With a rising trend in tourism, temples are fascinating people from different corners of the world because of their aestheticims and ambience. The fact that actually amazes everyone is the uniqueness and versatility of the architecture carved out in an artistic manner in these structures. The extensive diversity that the earth harbours is further glorified and enhanced by the multifariousness of the temples around the world.

Generally, visiting temples is attributed to two main aspects: firstly, as a holy tradition inherited from our ancestors; secondly, as a tourist spot to imbibe the peaceful vibes, thus, giving us a break from the hustle-bustle of today's fast-paced life. However, as a matter of fact, our saints and sages held a different blueprint behind the manifestation of these temples. A bagful of insightful inspirations are concealed in the make-up of these wonderful creations, which we often fail to capture.

In this tour, we would try to unveil these latent messages behind the unique architecture of the temples across the world. We hope after this journey, you would be able to comprehend the real meaning and purpose behind the existence of these temples.

Virupaksha Temple

This temple is situated in Karnataka. Its splendid architecture highlights the advancement of science and technology in the bygone era. In the temple, there is a dark chamber with a tiny slit in front of it. There is an idol situated at a distance, but in front of the slit. When light falls on the idol, then the setup is such that the image of the idol illuminates the chamber because of the tiny slit. Essentially, it relates to the phenomenon of the pinhole camera. This camera is used to focus the image of a distant object on the screen via a beam of light entering through its slit. From the spritual perspective as well, one can draw a parallel connection of this construction with the human body, which is indeed entitled as the temple of living God in all texts of wisdom. Similar to the slit, there exists a Divine Eye on our forehead. When a True Spritual Guide initiates us by opening this slit, we get to experience within this humanly frame, on the screen of our forehead, the image(s) of the Divine Lord, thus lighting the dark chambers of our inner world.

In this manner, there are a variety of temples, each giving us insightful messages which are worth imbibing. To know all in toto, read the complete article in the Feb'17 edition of English Akhand Gyan Monthly Magazine.

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