Thank God for struggles in life!

There are a very few of us who have a tendency to endure the difficult situations in life, without blaming something or someone else for them. Otherwise, in most cases, it is observed that whenever anything unexpected or unwanted happens, we start blaming other people around us. We believe that it was their fault because of which the problem arose. If we don’t have anybody else to blame, we start blaming God, destiny and fate. What we fail to realize is that it’s our own deeds that come back to us in the form of what we call destiny or fate. Cycle of deeds gives us back what we give to others; helping the needy brings us happiness and success in life, but intentional bad deeds do not spare us from sufferings and sorrow in the future.

But there is a difference between struggle and sufferings in life. Sufferings might be the result of our bad deeds that we committed knowingly or unknowingly at some point of time. But struggle in life is a gift of God granted to us to make us stronger both physically and mentally.

… The truth is that more often than not, we fail to understand the deeper purpose of God hidden behind any incident or situation that we come across in our lives.

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