That's Why He is the Guru!

Once, Confucius was sitting with his four disciples. A person named Zixia was also sitting with them. Suddenly, a question arose in his mind. He immediately kept it before Confucius, “Each of your disciples is speedily climbing the stairs of spiritual progress under your guidance. They are transforming into the models of virtues and goodness. But, still, which is that exclusive quality in Yenhui, seeing which you become really happy? You are all in smiles.”

Confucius saw Yenhui sitting in front of him with affectionate eyes, and then said in a vehement manner, “Yenhui! He is so generous at heart that he has even left me behind in his generosity.” Listening to this, Zixia got surprised, “Yenhui's heart is more generous than the Master’s!!” Now his curiosity arose further. He again folded his hands and asked, “And Zigong!... Confucius looked at Zigong and said, “Ah! He is a real expert in speaking. No one can beat him in speaking. His eloquence even defeats mine!” Zixia's astonishment grew even more. “Strange! … similarly, the Master was feeling proud while speaking about the skills and talents of his disciples. He spoke about Zilu, “The feats of his fearlessness are the talk of the town. He is even many times more courageous than me.” … Zixia …said in his heart, “O Master, why do you leave Zizhang…” The silent expressions of his heart reached Confucius, who immediately said, “And, and my Zizhang! He is like a peaceful ocean... even many more times serious than me.”

Now Zixia's mind got stuck in puzzlement. …“O Master, …if all your disciples excel you in some or the other quality, then how are they your disciples and how are you their Master?”

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