That’s why Parents are so Special

… No one in this entire cosmos can replicate the plae of God and the embodiment of God (a true Spiritual Master) in our life.  But, it is also true that after their position, the only people whose place cannot be replaced in this universe are parents. Because, if God blesses us with breaths, then it is our parents who help us materialise God’s gift in terms of this precious birth. … They love us, pamper us, and for them we (the children) are the assets of their life.

Parents can literally abandon anything for their children. Once, an 11 year old girl asked her father, “Papa, what will you give me on my eighteenth birthday?” With a blend of pain and happiness in his eyes, the father said, “Dear, there is a long time for that day to come. But, I promise that I will give you the most precious thing of my life on that day.”

… A week before her 18th birthday…

The father was crying as his daughter was being carried to the operation theatre for a major surgery. …Just before the operation, the girl said, “Papa, are the doctors saying to you that I am going to die because of my poor heart?” The father confidently replied, “No dear, you will surely live.” And … Girl: “But papa, how can you be so sure?” the father turned around and said-“Because I know that nothing can happen to you.”

Three days after the operation… she was lying on the bed as she recovered. On her bed, she received a letter with the following lines written on it … “Today I am happy and proud to give you that present- My …!”

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