The Dynamics of God Realisation - An ‘Experience’ Without the ‘Experiencer’

From time immemorial, the concept (or reality) of God has baffled the human mind, but the human consciousness continues to dwell on the concept, or the reality called “God.” For those who have already experienced it, God is the only ‘Truth’ or ‘Reality’ of the Universe; but for those who have not and are dwelling in the realms of imagination, God probably exists just as a conceptual, theoretical entity. However, both conceptualization and experience of God continue to be an arduous task if one doesn’t know the real, true path which ensures achievement of the goal.

…  But, why? We need to understand the paradox so that the seekers who have still not accomplished the goal stay positive and not doubt the path. Elaborate descriptions, on one hand, while terming it ‘indescribable,’ on the other, make it sound confusing, and it seems all madness, conflicting, and ridiculous.

 The Paradox of God: An experience without the experience

However, the moment of Self-Realisation happens only when all ‘existential illusions’ of the world fade into ‘The Ultimate Reality’ and ‘The Only Truth’ of the Universe called ‘God’ remains.

… The worldly duality of the experience and the experience vanishes and the consciousness becomes ONE. Rather, the process can be better described as a process of dynamic equilibrium, when ‘duality is constantly merging into oneness’ and ‘oneness is constantly disintegrating back and is aware of the duality.’


God Realisation: Beyond all layers of Human Existence

… Hence, the realization of God can only be empowered when all other outer layers of human existence (body, breath, mind, intellect, and ego) lose their identity, to pave way for the pure ‘Soul’ to manifest. The consciousness pervading in all these external, finite layers of human existence need to merge and dissolve into the Infinity of ‘Soul Consciousness’; only then does the Cosmic Mystery of God unfolds…

To know how one can connect to that cosmic super-consciousness called ‘God’ read the complete article in September 2013 English Akhand Gyan monthly magazine.

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