The Equation of Dhyana

"Give me the place to stand, and I shall move the earth."- Archimedes, the Greek mathematician, philosopher, scientist, and engineer, said the several years ago. If we try to understand this statement from a surficial perspective, we will certainly land ourselves in confusion.... Archimedes was hinting at such a focal point only. He knew that by discovering that focal point only. He knew that by discovering that focal point, it is possible to control the whole creation. Undoubtedly, his search was up to the mark; but, unfortunately, the direction in which he was conducting the search was wrong. Archimedes continued to lookout for 'that focal point' in the external world of objects and therefore he was unsuccessful in achieving his objective.
Similar is the story of man in the present times. Confusion, hurly-burly, and panic are the hallmarks of modern life! Tussle and competition at every step! Every segment of life is aghast with brisk movements! Actions- fast and speedy! Body- each and every molecule surcharged with motion! Mind- pressurized with the whirlpool of thoughts without intermission! Chitta (the psyche)- troubled with the labyrinth of sanskaras!...
To come out of this uneasiness and instability, there is but one option. It is to discover that stand point and know the art of getting established in it. In this regard, our sacred Scriptures promulgate that the art/method to live a stable life is 'Dhyana.'...  It is not that the society today is unaware of the importance of this method. In fact, meditation has become a 'trend' or a 'status symbol.' This is the reason why people are knocking at the doors of various meditation centers, so that they can find that standpoint and thus lead a tension-free life.They are today experimenting with various types of meditation techniques and procedures.
...What are those various meditation techniques, Can one reach that supreme standpoint through sense organs? What are the other lacunas in our understanding of the word 'Dhyana'? What is real Dhyana? To know this and furthermore, read the complete article of Aug'16 edition of English Akhand Gyan Monthly Magazine.

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