The Lord Adores Such Sinful Acts!

The ambience was replete with the fragrance of festivity and divinity. The disciples were present in huge numbers, waiting to behold their beloved Lord, Chaitanya Mahaprabhu. Their souls were craving for his godly audience. Prayers were ushering from every heart in the lotus feet of the Master, 'O Mahaprabhu, our eyes are yearning to drink the nectar of bliss by beholding your divine countenance... Please come... Please come, Lord...'

How could the Master remain untouched from the devotional notes that were emanating from the strings of His devotees' hearts? If the separation was unbearable on that end, then, it was equally difficult on this side too. Rather, much more painful on receiving the devout prayers springing from so many hearts longing madly for him! Unable to restrain himself anymore, the Divine Lord finally opened the door. Aha! Loud, heartfelt hails bombarded the atmosphere! A wave of thrill and delight gushed forth deluging one and all present there. It was as if life re-kindled in those hundreds of hearts that were yearning since long for one glimpse of their beloved. In all magnificence, Chaitanya stood at the door only for a couple of minutes, while the devotees quenched their hankering souls.

Suddenly then, Chaitanya broke his silence and raising his hand in divine ecstasy, said, "O devotees of the Lord, come, let's all go and worship our Lord Jagannath. Today Puri (where Jagannath temple is situated) is bathing in His resplendence. On this pious occasion, we will sing and dance in front of Him."

The moment these words touched their ears, the joy of the devotees doubled, tripled, quadrupled... rather, grew unbounded! Why? Because they were all going to be dancing for Lord Jagannath? Yes, but for "their Lord Jagannath", not Chaitanya's Lord Jagannath! After all, there was only one Lord, one Jagannath for them, their Chaitanya! They were overjoyed because they were going to rejoice and dance with their Lord and for their Lord, Lord Chaitanya!

A beautiful scene could be witnessed in the shrine of Lord Jagannath... Chaitanya was offering flowers and glancing at the Lord's idol. He was simultaneously saying to the devotees, "See, how divine our Lord Jagannath is looking!" And, there, at the end of devotees... Ah! Who would look at the  idol when their living God was with them! Their eyes were busy in quaffing the exquisite bliss that flowed from their holy Lord.

The stage was all set for revelling in the melodious rhythms and dancing to those enchanting tunes. It seemed as if the Lord... the living Lord Chaitanya... had today planned to colour, rather, immerse the devotees in the shades of devotion. The devotees were ready with their dholaks, kartals, mridangams, manjeeras, etc. It was a large hall, packed with devotees. The devotees were made to stand in 7 groups, so that such a huge gathering could be properly organised and managed. Chaitanya was supposed to move around in the entire hall, blessing the devotees with his audience. Soon, the splendid dance began... Every heart in every group was beating with just one desire... of course, to see their Chaitanya and live those precious moments when he would be seen dancing, throwing flowers on them, to fill their souls with the fragrance of divine love... Every group was waiting eagerly with relentless prayers for their beloved Lord to come and be with them! Though their inner beings wanted that Chaitanya should be with them throughout; but, they knew that everyone needed him. And, so, they had prepared themselves to wait for their turn for Chaitanya to arrive.

Ah! They didn't know perhaps that today their benevolent Lord was going to bless them bountifully, beyond their desires, and far beyond their prayers!

Only a few moments had passed when the dance began, then a miracle occurred! …

What was the miracle? To know the complete story, read the complete article in July'19 edition of English Akhand Gyan Monthly Magazine.


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