The Power of Love

One does not hesitate to even sacrifice his life for the sake of his beloved; he gets the courage to throw away all kinds of fears which otherwise tend to make him weak. What love can do, punishment and revenge cannot. However, today we have drastically failed to benefit from the real power of love and compassion. Why? It is because the factors of selfishness, attachment, expectation, etc. have immensely spoiled the real glory of this divine trait of love. How these factors distort the face of the love and compassion, let’s know…


… As milk is spoiled on coming in contact with sour tamarind; likewise, when the attribute of love (originally, the characteristic of the Soul) comes in contact with sensual pleasures, it gets transformed into lust. This lust, which is never satisfied, ultimately results in anger. Anger further distorts wisdom and the person falls even deeper into the trench of delusions. The end result is ‘an utter collapse’!


Whether apparent or not, love in all relationships that we see in the world is majorly driven by the factor of ‘expectation’. Be it parent-child, husband-wife, boss-colleague, or any other relation- the underlying phenomenon of these bonds lies in ‘expectation’.



…In the world, we see different expressions in the name of love. Essentially, the variation arises when this attribute is expressed through the intellect or is guided by emotions alone. When expressed through the intellect, love becomes a sort of bargain, driven by the calculative attitude of ‘What is in it for me?’ In such a give and take relationship, instead of love, the unwanted traits of expectation, jealousy… reflect from the personality of an individual, And when love is expressed solely through the world of emotions, then, it often becomes blind and gets distorted into attachment.

However, beyond the realm of intellect and emotions, how it is expressed? How to reach that highest form of love? To know this and furthermore, read the complete article in the July’15 edition of English Akhand Gyan Monthly Magazine.

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