The Power of Spirituality

It’s the source of self-confidence and inner strength! It’s the sole owner of the jewel of perfect character! It has the power to bring a complete change in one’s perspective, thereby, resulting in a U-turn in one’s attitude towards life! In it lies the genesis of real compassion, in terms of its magnitude and depth! It has proved to be the source of strength in the making of a nation! It forms the foundation stone in erecting the edifice of a peaceful world! It bears ample testimonies to its name proving that it is the shield and strength of women amidst challenges! It role and value in the over-all health care of an individual has been well recognised and verified even by the doctors and specialists of the present day world!

Perhaps, much to your amazement, you would find it difficult to assimilate that all these ‘its’ fall in the ambit of a subject, which has often been considered as a miscellaneous one, not worthy of inclusion in top priorities of the to-do’s in life. As a matter of fact, supported with ample evidences from the annals of history, all these ‘its’ are credited to the subject of ‘Spirituality’.

Being a resident of the 21st century modern-day world, just try to analyse what kind of an image takes shape in your mind when you come across the term- ‘Spirituality’? Probably- something which is philosophical, far away from the zones of reality; something that hardly has any practical relevance in our career- oriented and fast-paced lives; something which can serve only as a hypothetical resort to console or calm us amidst the whirlpool of stress and tensions; without lending any tangible support; something which belongs to the set of individualistic beliefs and choices, etc.

If you harbour a notion about spirituality that resonates with these or similar kind of perceptions, then time has come when this impression of your demands a serious phase-shift! … No real achievement can be made in life devoid of true spirituality. …

… As a matter of fact, all those attributes and characteristics, which are positive and contribute to development (be it of an individual, or a nation, or the world at large), actually have their genesis in ‘true spirituality’. Verily, it’s not an exaggerated statement, rather   a well-justified and well-verified one. Do you wish to introduce yourself to the vast expanse of offerings that ‘Spirituality’ has in its store for one and all?

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