The Vedas- a perfect manual for the making of a man!

Are the Vedas and the Upanishads obsolete texts for the present-day advanced and technologically developed society? Is there no relevance of the teachings embedded in these texts for the past-paced life of man today? When there is so much literature available in the field of science and technology, what then is the need of going through these ancient writings, which are nothing but a set of some verses and mantras?

True, we are living in not only advanced, but a supremely-advanced age, decked with the latest gadgets and gizmos. However, it is also true that we are living in an era, which is inflicted with the exceedingly high levels of stress, immorality, depression, negativity, indiscipline and insensitivity. Isn't it? Perhaps you would not need any statistics to justify this remark. Someone has aptly quoted that we have learnt to traverse the vast skies; but, we have not learnt to walk on earth! We have extended our reach to Mars and the Moon; but, we have lost the warmth and humanly touch with our neighbours! We have studded our lives with all sorts of high-styled and advanced gadgets; but, we have drastically missed out on the grounds of humanly qualities and attributes!

The Vedas and the Upanishads have the capacity to fill all such missing gaps, which have casted a devastating impact on the complete structure of society. The fact is that these texts of wisdom lay prime focus on the core building block of society, which is a human being. Although, they are simultaneously replete with unchallenged revelations in all fields pertaining to this creation as well as the Creator! If we dive into these realms, there would be no end to our amazement and endorsement! However, let's first gain insight into the codes of conduct for a man, as prescribed by these texts, which are complete in all respects to carve out a wholesome personality from a being. It is an undeniable truth that if every man abides by these codes of conduct, then soon this earth would be transformed into a living paradise, where there will be no trace of ills and evils, and only peace and prosperity will prevail.

Here is enlisted the set of Vedic precepts, which when imbibed in toto can ensure a life of success, bliss and glory to a being. One can see a perfect conglomeration of tenets pertaining to the codes of conduct at the physical, psychological and social levels.

Physical Dimension

Strong Body

The human body is the means to attain the Supreme Lord. Conversant of this truth, the sages always laid stress on keeping this apparatus hale and hearty. Often, in the mad rush of life, we neglect or overlook our physical health and fitness. However, the Vedas highlight the significance of this body...

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