Tight Jeans- A health Hazard!

Skinny jeans have become increasingly popular and can be seen everywhere, more so in the urban world. The trendy, fashion fad thought to be giving a ‘cool-looking’ appearance by today’s youth appeared innocuous and wouldn’t have been bothersome, had the research studies not proved it to be a health hazard, both for men as well as for women.

…"Tingling thigh syndrome" seems to be caused by tight fitted jeans, as it leads to compression of the femoral cutaneous nerve and cuts off sensation to the thigh. This makes tight jeans to numb down the thighs which may also run into the hips.

… It’s understandable that we all may want to look fabulous and tight jeans may fetch us flattering compliments. But, if it’s at the cost of our health, we need to consider it before the hazard actually takes the form of an alarming health problem.

… And in case you have already started noticing tingling around your thighs, and don’t want to be a fashion victim, it’s probably time your wardrobe needs a change!

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