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Once there lived a king who was a proud possessor of numerous majestic elephants. Out of them, one was exceptionally powerful, obedient and intelligent. The king was particularly fond of this elephant as it had helped him win numerous wars.

As time passed by, age caught up with the elephant and the king stopped taking it to the battlefield.

One day the elephant went to a nearby pond to drink water when unfortunately one of its legs got stuck in the mud. It screamed loudly. Hearing those screams, the king and his courtiers rushed to the pond. Everyone tried to pull the old elephant out from the mud but in vain. Then, the king sent for his most experienced Minister. After analyzing the whole situation, the minister suggested to blow the war trumpets. The strange suggestion of the minister was indeed astonishing for everyone. But surprisingly, blowing of the trumpets caused a stir in the elephant’s body and it slowly stood up and came out of the mud.

The experienced minister then explained that the old elephant had the capability; but the only thing it needed was a stimulus to get up.

The moral of the story can be summarized in the following words: “Nobody grows old merely by living a number of years. Years may wrinkle the skin but to give up the enthusiasm wrinkles the soul.” (Samuel Ullman)

Well, this is what we aim to rekindle in you- the zest, the verve, and the sparkle of life. If you think that the old age means dullness and inactivity... it’s not so! Remember, you are not feeble, sickly, incapable, good-for-nothing, a burden on society... As a matter of fact, even science avouches your capabilities!

...Neurological research has revealed the concept of neuroplasticity of aging, according to which the brain’s growth and development continues even in old age.

...There are many exemplary elderlies- who have left this world awestruck with their zeal, guts, and spirit despite being aged!

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