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Ultimate Rescue from the Mind-Trap!

Once a princess, Nanda was now a disciple in the Buddha’s order. Nanda was Buddha’s cousin sister. She was the daughter of King Shuddhodana and his second wife, Queen Maha Prajapati Gautami. Although she had renounced the royal life of the kingdom, but her mind still clung to the past memories.

A continuous blabbering bothered her mind... “Ah! Good old bygone days... When I was praised for my exquisite appearance! Even heavenly goddesses must have been jealous of my beauty. Everything was so comfortable and cosy. ...Why did I take this step? I should have told the head sister of the order the very first day when she sought a confirmation from me- ‘The only reason for your coming should be a true urge to tread the path of liberation.’ Why did I mask my feelings then that it was the loneliness of the palace and the craving to be near my mother and friends which I was trying to answer? ...But, today, although I am in the company of the ones I desired to be with, I once again wish to switch over to those luxuries and comforts! But, what will people say- that Nanda was a failure! No... How can I allow such a scar on myself? Oh! But I cannot live a life of renunciation here... What to do... What will people say... Where should I go?’

Nanda was drowned in the pool of inner tussle! The turmoil inside her was awfully unbearable. ...



Dear readers, here, let’s all ask some questions to ourselves. Did it happen only with Nanda that she became the victim of the inner cacophony of the mind? Was it only Nanda who got trapped in the unending uproar that left her totally restless and confused? Was it only with Nanda that she direly looked for an escape from the clutches of that inner turbulence? Aren’t we the prey of the same? Aren’t we the helpless victims, the poor hostages who are relentlessly tortured and bruised by this wavering and dominating mind? And, in such a pitiful state, don’t we look for some relief, some ray of clarity, and wise guidance by someone? Yes, we undeniably do! Everyone in this world is troubled by the vagaries of  the mind. We are immersed in the pool of tussles within and without! Whether we go here or there? Whether we do this or that? Was the previous option better or the latter one? Should I revert my action? Or, should I take a new step?’ ...These confusions snatch our piece of mind and crush it into pieces. In such moments, what do we do? We first churn the issue in the machinery of our logics and intelligence. ...At the end of the day, what is our condition? We find ourselves doomed in a quagmire of prescriptions by so many advisers, but the much-needed clarity and confidence to take any step still goes missing.

Finally what do we do? Either we forcefully and in a confused state go with one of the options and live in a persistent state of sulking or else we leave the matter unanswered surrendering ourselves into the hands of destiny.

But, Nanda was rescued from either of these options. How? To know this in toto, read the complete article in June’16 edition of English Akhand Gyan Monthly Magazine.

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