Understanding Spirituality through Experiments

A number of experiments and studies are conducted from time to time pertaining to human psychology and behaviour. As a matter of fact, these studies can only highlight certain aspect of human instincts and tendencies. However, the world of spirituality presents the remedies as well for the maladies projected through these experiments. Spirituality put forth the same aspect from an entirely new perspective and a higher dimension. We can comprehend this truth from some of the research studies presented below.


From getting impacted to leaving an impact!

This experiment is famous by the name- 'The Monster Study'. In 1993, a professor of the University of lowa, Dr. Wendell Johnson, conducted this study. He took 22 orphan children as a part of this study. These children were bifurcated into two groups. Children in one group were praised for their speech; however, the children in other group were demeaned for every word that they said. Although they had no speech problem in reality, but they were derided and told that they were stuttering.

Result? Most of the children from the second group took the abuses to their hearts and reacted strangely to the comments. Some gasped; some hung their heads, while some of them covered their mouths with hands. On the whole, they developed permanent speech problems after the experiment!

As a matter of fact, on giving a deep thought, we will find that almost each one of us is a victim of this malady- the problem of getting impacted by what others say to us! Howsoever we may try, but we do get affected! We keep clinging to the words of our friends, our colleagues, our parents, spouse, teachers etc. and go on brooding over them, till it impacts our health and state of mind.

However, on the contrary, those who are anchored in their self, nothing in the world can beat their self-confidence-even if the whole world pounces on them to belittle them! For instance, the whole Athens was against Socrates and blamed him that he was spoiling the youth of the country. He was taunted for his shabby appearance. People criticised him for spreading wrong notions about God and spirituality. But, till his last breath, Socrates stood firm and dauntless, with the same divine smile and peace shining on his countenance! He was not affected even to the least by what was said about him.

In this context, highlighting the ineffectiveness of all sorts of behavioural tips and advices, Saint Kabir presents a beautiful analogy. He says that if sand and sugar is mixed and placed before an elephant, then the elephant would not be able to segregate the two and consume the sugar. Here, elephant is symbolising the gross-level methodologies, on which we try our hands, in dealing with such situations when we are bombarded with criticism and abuses. However, Saint Kabir says that an ant can successfully separate the two! Here, the ant is symbolic of subtlety- referring to the subtle technique of Brahm Gyan (God-Realisation). Through this technique, an individual can not only reject the unwanted things targeted at him; in fact, he can simultaneously imbibe what is useful for him and cherish the benefits!

From desiring to naturally receiving!

From the mindless to the mindful!

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