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Is your moment a ‘Non-Toothache Moment’?
‘On-Boat’ v/s ‘Boat-On’: What’s your way
The ‘Bell’ Rule!
Knowledge blended with Love!

These are not only the highlights of this article, but also amongst the most important pointers of living a spiritual and successful life. These are the spiritual strategies which will help us re-tune the wavering autopilot-mode of our mind to a focused and goal-oriented mindful state.

Today, spiritualism- ‘a quest for the sacred’ is what everyone should long for as this pursuit leads to a life of awareness and bliss. The more we become conscious of the higher truths, the more we prosper, the less we suffer, and the more we are satisfied. In order to attain a life of contentment and joy, spiritual principles play a great role. The above mentioned four tenets are some of them. Let us explore what these four tenets say about the way to live life spiritually and successfully.

Is your moment a ‘Non-Toothache Moment’?

‘Are you having a toothache?’- A Buddhist monk, with his hand on one cheek, asked this question to each and every person whom he approached. From a passer-by he asked, ‘Excuse me sir, do you also have a toothache? Because like me it appears that you are not happy. Therefore, I think you too are suffering from a terrible pain.’ To another passer-by he said, ‘Why are you so tensed? Are you also in pain because of a toothache?’ To another he said, ‘Oh! You are so unhappy, that means you must be having pain in your tooth.’ When all of them denied, he remarked, ‘No? You are not suffering from toothache? Then why are you not happy at this moment? Don’t you comprehend that you are blessed to have a non-toothache moment!’

Dear friends, this realisation which the saint wishes to bring to light is that we often remain ignorant of the blessings bestowed on us by the Supreme Lord. And, it is due to this lack of awareness that despite being blessed with the invaluable treasure of human life, we remain unhappy all the time. The monk asked- ‘Do you have a toothache? …If no, then why are you unhappy?’ …On top of everything, the monk intended to trigger a realisation in us through his query that ‘Are you alive? Do you possess the treasure of breaths to continue to live in this human garb and grab the great opportunity to realize God? If yes, then why are you unhappy?’

… However, to live in the state of awareness, spiritualists adopt which way? To know this and furthermore, read the complete article in November’16 edition of English Akhand Gyan Monthly Magazine. 


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