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What You Give = What You Get

How easy it is to open the mouth wide and utter bitter and harsh words! It takes no effort to hurt someone with your words and then walk away arrogantly! But, do you know such egoistic disposition is not taken kindly by Nature and it resents your harsh reactions. The entire cosmos challenges you and watches you with stern eyes. It warns you. It keeps ready in return stinging words for you to pierce your heart and, at the appropriate time, shoots them in your direction. At that time, there is no escape and one is forced to swallow the bitter pills offered to him by Nature as a return gift. This is the immutable, eternal law of Nature.

Do you find this law difficult to accept and trust? …

… In the Bible, the same truth has been propounded- “For they have sown the wind, and they shall reap the whirlwind.”

This viewpoint is not only supported by the scriptures and philosophy, but it has a scientific basis as well.

… Now think, by causing unintentional pain to others, are you interested in accumulating pain for your own self? This is a big question. It may happen that at this stage your intellect argues- a peaceful mind never hurts others. … I am restless; that’s why I happen to make others also restless. What shall I do? I am helpless to challenge my nature.’

But remember, this excuse cannot help you escape from the punishment of Nature, which, before inflicting the punishment, does not care about one’s helplessness and ignorance. …

So what’s the complete remedy for making rightful choices of words? What’s the scientific, philosophical and scriptural revelation for this law? To comprehend all this in detail, and furthermore, read the complete Jan, 2014 edition of English Akhand Gyan monthly magazine.

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