Why miss the Childhood when we can re-live it?

Childhood is the most fun time in anybody's life. Even today, as a grown up person, when we meet our friends, we often talk about our childhood memories and the crazy little things we used to do then. Some of us remember our childhood quite clearly while some of us may have learnt about it through our parents. Be it ringing the neighbour's doorbell and running away or dodging the homework by giving an excuse of a stomach ache. Be it getting drenched in rain and splashing water on the road or tirelessly jumping on the bed and engaging in pillow fights with our siblings. Fighting with our friends and then finding an excuse to play with them, again. Every little thing seemed to be joyful and full of excitement. Then, all of a sudden, we become mature and all those crazy activities are left behind, only to be enjoyed as memories. Excitement and fun seems to have an inverse relationship with age. Today, if it rains, we try to ensure that not even a drop falls on the shirt. If we have to ring somebody's doorbell, we try not to ring it more than once as we may be taken as manner-less. If we enter into a verbal fight with our friends, we resist interactions, most of the time due to ego and at times due to the fear of saying something that may leave the other person annoyed with us forever. We can no longer dodge our work, as it may frustrate the boss or the person getting affected. So, what have we really achieved by being mature, except for losing our happiness? True, we now carry responsibilities of our family and doing the same crazy things now, in office or in society, as a grown up person, may not be a good idea. However, does it mean that we cannot be playful or excited about the small little things we do in our day-to-day lives?

Today, as a father, I notice the small things that my four-year-old daughters does in her routine life. It makes me remember my childhood days and I realise how much we have changed over time. Excitement of doing even our favourite things seems to be fading with every passing year. The more I notice my daughter's reasons of happiness, the clearer I am able to see the differences between a child's and a grown up's outlook towards life. Though, being an adult, it is important to carry out the responsibilities with sincerity and do things which help us and our families live a stable life. However, there are small, yet meaningful lessons that we can learn from a child's attitude. Those lessons which can help us become happier and more cheerful, and at the same time, a responsible member of the family. ...

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